Future Dental Leaders

  • Gain a competitive edge to get into dental school

  • Learn key communication skills to help you in interviews

  • Be able to discuss dentistry with confidence

  • Become a well-rounded applicant

  • Become a future dental leader

Why do FDL

Congratulations on your decision to apply for dental school! While dentistry is an extremely competitive subject, the rewards of the career will be completely worthwhile in the long term. Nowadays, simply achieving high grades is no longer sufficient for dental school admission. Many colleges and universities are looking for students who have gone the extra mile, whether through extra reading, volunteering, work shadowing or taking advantage of all opportunities available to demonstrate your commitment to the subject. This programme is no different.

Future Dental Leaders will be a crucial aid in your application process. It will give you communication skills which will help you in your interviews and immediate personal and professional life; it will impart all the fundamentals of oral health which you need to have an idea of if you are truly committed to dentistry, and it will help you start to give oral health advice to your families, friends and local communities. You could even use Future Dental Leaders as a basis for organising an oral health education project where you live.

What Will I learn

The need for strong leadership is the next big issue in dentistry. The world needs better oral health knowledge. With this simple step, we can end the spiralling problems associated with poor oral health during this century. Dental professionals are highly skilled, communicative and capable of driving forward new initiatives to improve world oral health - but what they need are the skills to lead the way forward. Unusually, unlike other professions, leadership in dentistry is not a skill that is emphasised. But without leadership skills, how can we hope to drive forward change?

The key problem is that there is a gulf between dental professionals and the populations needing access to oral health the most. We need to bridge the gap between our vast knowledge and resources as a profession and the global population requiring dentistry. If we can actually improve the oral health knowledge level of the world, then we can sustainably prevent the suffering that accompanies dental caries.

There are 3 levels to this programme. You will learn how lead, organise, empower and motivate yourself and others, how to influence and persuade your team and patients with your words and how to respond to difficult social situations. Building on this knowledge you will then start to expand your creativity and think about how to give effective evidence-based oral health advice so your friends, families and future patients actually understand you.

This programme provides unique and high-level guidance to dental admissions candidates for developing their leadership, management and communication skills, aiming to build an empowered network of next-generation global dental professionals that have the skills to lead the future for dentistry.

We hope you enjoy the course and succeed in your aspirations to get into dental school.


What does it cost?

Standard price GBP 40 USD 50. Concessions in some countries.